My photographic journey started when I was an apprentice carpenter believe it or not! I used to build studio sets and was always there during the shoot to make any set amendments, the process used to amaze me and so the seed was planted. I went on to join the Royal Navy and took many photographs on my travels which inspired me to document the world as I see it and the people on it.

I live in Hull East Yorkshire, I’m blessed with a wife and three children and the kids really inspire and influence the way I capture people. I love to focus on an individual’s unique character and bring out those natural occurring moments, those special glimpses that tell a whole story in one picture. That’s the approach I take when photographing people, mainly but not exclusively children and I like to think bringing up my own three kids has given me the experience and patience to deliver each individual photo session comfortably and afford the time for those special moments to arise.

Hull is where I make my bed and I have an ongoing personal project capturing all aspects of life, architecture and events in the city. Hailing from a fishing family I love the history and heritage aspects of Hull but also, I’m very keen on modern architecture and in Hull I’m blessed with a great mix. You’ll often find me on the streets of the city before dawn, practicing my craft and documenting the ever-changing landscape of Kingston Upon Hull and of course we are the 2017 UK City of culture which provides many opportunities to capture something entirely different.